Mr Sevan Nisanyan a Turkish Intellectual of Armenian origin is detained in Greece on 30 December 2021. Nişanyan is a well know intellectual and a holder of the prestigious award called Ayşe Nur Zarakolu Liberty Award by Turkish Human Rights Association in 2004 for his contributions to greater freedom of speech

He is wanted in Turkey after escaping from Foca Prison on 14 July 2017 where he was serving a prison sentence of 16 years 7 months after his committal in early 2014.

His prison sentence was related to some planning regulation breaches and the charges are considered to be trumped up ones due to his political identity as a dissident. He is widely known to be a critic of the state in Turkey and his works in linguistic sphere as well as the research he carried out about the names of places changed by the Turkish regime when it was formed at he turn of the last century renderes him to be a target of the state. His works and declarations carry the undertones of his opposition to Kemalism which the official state system involving forced assimilation of ethnic minorities into Turkishness.

He is married to a Greek Citizen namely Ira Tzourou and has been on residence permit up until 29 December 21 and this was unrenewed despite his entitlement to it. 

He is long been requested to be extradited to Turkey via Interpol Red List and his extradition will most certainly result in an unfair trial if not carries the risk of mistreatment in custody in addition. 

We as the Assembly of Exiles in Europe appeal to Greek authorities not to extradite Mr Nisanyan and grant him the resident status he deserves. He should be released and be allowed to live with his wife in Samos  where he was prior to his detention on 30 December 21. We ask international community to stay vigilant about the Turkish State campaigns involving Interpol Red List to silence the critics her citizens abroad. The dissenting opinion is a natural right and needs to be protected.

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